Our Mission

Founded in 1961 by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harry Wachtel, Drum Major Institute (DMI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating commonsense solutions to drive social progress for all American citizens. Led by their sons, Martin Luther King III and William B. Wachtel, DMI advocates to improve accessibility for citizens to actively participate in our democracy.  


  • DMI, through its No Voter Left Behind Campaign, led a non-partisan group of civic leaders who work to ensure that no voter is left out of the voting process.

  • DMI works to ensure that every American can easily vote without discrimination.  

  • DMI works to ensure that America's youth has access to register to vote and understands the importance of voting. 


  • DMI works to investigate and expose economic injustice and understands that until all citizens have a right to achieve economic justice. 

  • DMI carries out campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising the volume around issues that impact the impoverished in full pursuit for economic justice for all.


  • DMI works to address racism and the full spectrum of racial inequality, such as equal pay and access to adequate healthcare, housing and freedom from discrimination.

  • DMI leads race relations and sensitivity training during some of the most volatile and critical situations.



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