Drum Major Institute's vision has three components. Through advocacy and education, we strive to engage audiences of all ages in an open dialogue on the history and importance of voting. Through campaigns, we demand that businesses act as socially responsible entities in our communities. Through supporting and funding, we partner with other organizations to build a dynamic network of groups and individuals who want to realize the dream.


“The responsibility of casting a vote for president of the United States places a burden on the conscience of every American to choose wisely. But there should not be physical burdens impeding citizens from fulfilling their civic duty and exercising the right to vote. We remain committed and will do whatever it takes to lessen the burden on all Americans to vote, including by ensuring that every citizen can comply with voter ID laws,” said Andrew Young, U.N. Ambassador under President Jimmy Carter and later Atlanta’s mayor.

“The lack of a little plastic card should not prevent anyone from exercising their fundamental right to vote. Having proper identification is empowering – even beyond the basic civil right of voting – and we are devoted to helping citizens who are on the outside looking in be equal participants in American opportunity,” Wachtel said.


Zoe Siegel, Chief Strategy Officer, spoke to seniors at Norfolk Academy about the challenges of activism in the current political climate.

“Democracy is now an extreme sport,” she observed, noting that many citizens, including thousands of young people, are participating in marches or knocking on doors to sign up voters. 

She closed by exhorting students to register to vote as soon as they turn 18, and then take every opportunity to exercise that fundamental right. 

“Silence only causes more problems,” she said. “Voting is the most important thing you can do.”


We have joined RISE to Vote in a nonpartisan effort to register both professional and college athletes to vote. This initiative will encourage young American citizens to follow the footsteps of their role models and become active participants of our democracy. 

In 2017, we registered the entire roster of the Miami Dolphins. Mr. King said, "Today, we celebrate the fact that every player on the Dolphins roster is a registered voter. What makes this truly special is that this voter registration effort, which was begun by Kenny Stills, has been spreading throughout the NFL and other sports leagues. As my father often said, that short step into the voting booth is the longest stride for democracy.


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